Mini Unit Circle Twitter Storm!

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I sent a mini unit circle to Dr. Alex Kontorovich, and he posted a short video.  Previously I posted a video on this and Ralph Pantozzi retweeted and we got 10,000 views till I accidentally deleted the post.

This time Dr. Kontorvich’s followers really grabbed it and it went around the globe and in less than 3 days had over 90,000 views.  It also jumped onto Reddit somehow.  It’s exciting and encouraging to have so many people appreciate this model.  Is it because radians are just hard to get, or because its made of wood or just so darn cute?

I’m at the Construct 3d conference where I met three people who had seen the mini unit circle and one who has already made his own, so that’s awesome!

Here are the files to make your own unit circle …a some other fun math tools!

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