Family Math Expo

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Children's hands fill geometric frames with colorful pattern blocks.

We were invited to the Washington, D.C. Family Math Expo earlier this month. While we can’t travel everywhere and attend every math event (although we do admit that would be a ton of fun!), this seemed like a great opportunity to… Support some excellent work going on in a large and important school district, Play math with a large number

MathHappens @ SE Branch Library Luchadore Edition!

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For the past two years we have participated actively with our SE Branch library community by providing activities at events ranging form Cinco de Mayo celebrations, after school and summer programs, El Día de los Muertos, and holiday festivities of all kinds.  We also have been invited to author readings and this was a really fun one.  Dia de Los

Real Places Conference Exhibit Table Math in Texas History

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We love having conversations about math and these were all about Texas history too!  The Texas History Center’s 8th annual Real Places Conference attracts museums of all kinds.  It was a great opportunity to share and showcase some of our land survey artifacts including a real Vara Chain, a 1/2 Gunter Chain, a document written by Robert Creuzbauer that explains

MathHappens @ LBJ Wildflower Center Nature Nights

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Nature Nights are a series of family nights at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  Admission is free and the center is open from 6-9pm.  Families are invited to stroll the grounds, enjoy the courtyard activities and enjoy a taco or ice cream.  And they can do some mathematical puzzles!  Our take and make craft was a reversible flower. Lauren

MathHappens collaboration @ The Atlanta Science Festival

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Our partners for the booth were Geometiles and its founder Yana Mohanty who brought an amazing Olympic ring Geometiles sculpture and Professor Jason Harron of Kennesaw State University who made Pythagorean Theorem models and also brought an undergraduate with her Galton Board model. Lauren Siegel and Jordan Varat came for MathHappens with a variety of models, Infinity gum and other

A Circle Toy

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Here’s a fun little toy. It’s useful for building an argument about the area of a circle. Let’s say you know that π (pi) is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Then, because the diameter is twice the radius, you know the circumference is 2π r. Usually this argument proceeds by drawing pictures. It turns

MathHappens @ 2024 SXSWEdu!

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MathHappens @ SXSW Edu was an opportunity to bring our approach to math enrichment to a world audience.  We kicked off the booth with our senior team members:  Matt Hertel, Lauren Siegel, Jordan Varat, Melissa Wilkinson and Christopher Danielson who came down to Austin from St. Paul, MN.  It was a great way for us to spend some time together

Feb 24th: MathHappens’ Big Busy Weekend!

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On February 24th MathHappens’ four locations were open to the public in Autin, TX at the Nature and Science Center, and Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex, in Mankato, MN at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota and in Albuquerque, NM at Explora!  Matt Hertel manages the space at the Nature and Science Center and Millennium and paused a moment to record