Founded in the fall of 2014 by Philip and Lauren Siegel, MathHappens has been exploring ideas, options, strategies and partnerships to bring math into community conversations here in Austin, elsewhere in Texas, and in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, California and more.

Short Video about MathHappens


City of Austin, Austin Nature and Science Center, University of Texas UTeach, UTeach Maker Program, Austin Museum Partnership, Austin ACCESS to Learning.


Staff, supply and facilitate the MathHappens Math Room, Participate in the museum community through out the year at individual events and through repeating programs and field trips; train math teachers to use maker space tools to make their own math models; facilitate and fund field trips. Share ideas with the k-16 education community.


Promote math literacy by inspiring and supporting mathematical exhibitions in our public places and spaces.

Just Add Math Program

If you are interested in having some math "added" to your Institution's public offerings either through a single exhibit or by hosting a math room, please contact us to see if there's a good opportunity for us to collaborate. We are actively seeking partnerships with non-profits and educational institutions that wish to engage the public as well as visiting school groups in mathematical aspects of their exhibits and offerings.