What we did last summer!

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Major accomplishments Summer 2017:

Maker Faire – large public event, large number of interactions.

Delivered Seminars/Conference Sessions:  UTeach Alumni Conference – Playground and
Presentation, at Texas State History Museum:  Delivered Seminar for Social Studies
Teachers, Seminar for AISD Math Teachers, Gained a spot on the Bullock’s guide
for  Museum Programming options

Math Circle Seminar for MS Teachers – assist UT Prof. Jennifer Mann

Provided Matherials:

Provided suite of Exhibits and items on golden ratio to the Nature Center in Charlotte NC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Provided set of calipers for assembly to Alaina Kneiling at The Dunham School in LA

Designed and made materials for UTeach Master Teacher Glen Larson on unit
circle/pythagorean triangles

Made class set of calipers for Mardi Nott

Pamela Powell Net Challenge

Seminars Conferences:  Attended Sessions at UTeach Conference, attended
Workshop by Texas History Center on Exhibits, Attended Texas Association of
Museums conference (Lauren)

Installation of Sunclock – designed and made molds for calendar blocks, mixed
concrete, trial run and final positioning, work on installation day(s), designing signage
and education materials.

Pending Sun activities:  Sunstick, draft Eratosthenese model, track suns shadow from a stick.

Pending Installation of Pythagorean Tables for Neal Cochran house, design
and production of giant chess set, and giant checkers

Began Project Development-Pioneer Farms

Made contact with Rosemary Morrow, 2 site visits, research and beginnings of
programming concepts

Math in a Museum Day

Began discussion of this concept with Jennifer Mann Austin 8/10

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