Webinar: Making the Most of Math Connections at your Museum or Historical Site

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Elizabeth Lay, Claire Steffen and I had the opportunity to present a webinar through the Texas Historical Commission today. 

We discussed ways that museums can  enhance visitor experiences with math, showed a variety of examples of math activities at museum locations and talked about our process in developing connected activities.

Our Presentation Slides are here

The Handout 

Recording Hosted by Texas Historical Commission

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Zoom Chat Follow ups!

Resource:  Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival
July 29th Nancy Blachman, Founder and Dr. Hector Rosario, Director of Festivals talked with us about the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Organization, the festival events and the online, webinar and paper resources you can use to enhance your mathematics programming.  Hosting a festival is a great way to bring your mathematics community (University, Math Teacher Circle, Math club) together with the families in your visitor community.  Notes from the chat are here, and you can view a brief video about their philosophy that helps explain how JRMF is different from other resources for mathematics.  Funding is available!

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