Take and Make: Transform Square to Triangle, and Square to Hexagon

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These are cardstock designs, so if you laser cut the pieces they will all stay attached to each other.

SVG of Cardstock versions Square to Triangle   Square to Hexagon

SVG of straight cut lines (square/hexagon is a the parallelogram)

And if you are interested, here’s how you make the pieces.

Triangle to Square:

This transformation was made based on Ernest Irving Freese’s design.

Square to Hexagon:

Horizontal lines across the hexagons, a square array tilted at an angle.  Then you superimpose them and move them around till you find the least number of pieces in a parallelogram formed by the lines.  Parallelogram can reform into a square, and all the pieces fit together to remake the Hexagon.  Just beside the hexagon, and squares in the grid have the same area.

Excerpt from a book: Harry Lindgren’s book, Geometric Dissections

Found in this article by Frederickson: https://www.cs.purdue.edu/homes/gnf/book4/Booknews4/ch9.html



Resulting in this figure.

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