The Math Room: One Year at Austin Nature and Science Center

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On site in Austin to celebrate on Feb 18:  Teacher Julie Wu, MH Admin Melissa Wilkinson and Lauren Siegel; UT and UTeach students Ella Basken, Matt Hertel, Laura Choi and Quan Nguyen; Stefany Espinoza and Marianne Villanueva.  Matt has managed the room since June 2022.

Putting a math room in a public place of play, learning and nature is a great idea that can be replicated!.  The Math Room at the Austin Nature and Science Center is one year old and going strong.  Out of town visitors and regulars from the local community come in stay a nice long while and then they return for more.

What do you need?  A space in a place where families, friends and people go to be together, share some time and enjoy each other’s company.  We love it when it can be free of admission.  What do you “need”.  An indoor space, 3 tables, a magnetic whiteboard or two, some carpet for floor activities and some really great models and materials.  The summary of Math Room materials we’ve most recently installed is the one for Explora in Albuquerque.  See what we’ve got to offer.  Team members enjoy their time (and we pay them) and the public gets a great experience with math!

How do visitors respond to the math room?  Here are some excerpts from our visitor book.

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