The Math Room at The Austin Nature and Science Center

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We are located inside the visitors center at the Austin Nature and Science Center at 2389 Stratford Drive.  Admission is free every Saturday from 9 am – 3pm and Sunday from noon – 3pm

Come by and take a look, or check out the 2022 Summer Summary here. Some items may change from week to week!

More great photos from July 16 2022 Here!  Someone solved the calendar puzzle that day, and there were folks in who knew us from our presentations at Nature Nights.  Here’s the mini report from our staff:

“I was at the Math Room in ANSC today. We had a lot of people coming in, I would estimate close to 100. At one time, there were 17 kids and parents (not including us) doing different activities in the room. One of the visitors also worked out the today’s date puzzle. I took some pictures to share with you.

Everyone had a great time and appreciated what we do. Some of them had been to nature’s nights multiple times and many expressed that they would come back. One family is visiting from Miami and checking out the are and all the things to do in and around town. The family homeschool their kids, the mother asked if we sell some of the puzzles. She said she will come to see us again if they decide to move there.”


Cool People!  Come say Hi!


In July 2022 the Math Room was named “Best Place Ever” by a visitor!

We love showing visitors around, especially this one from Math2thePoint.  Sylvia is planning a math experience in Houston, TX.


Intern Laura Choi is in Seoul, South Korea scouting for ideas and inspirations.  She sent in a report from the Lighting Museum.  Check it out!  Some ideas off the bat–optical illusions and fun house mirrors.

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