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This morning was the first time I was able to introduce Vallejo youngsters to the fractals. They loved them! They always enjoy coloring, but were blown away by the idea of using numbers, math, and shapes to create art. I let them imagine, and two little girls teamed up to figure out that they could use various shapes to make one giant shape and were extremely proud of themselves. Older siblings showed younger siblings how to draw and create art, which made the parents very proud. The parents were thrilled with the concept, and many took blank shapes home to work on when they had more time. They have asked that I use them again!Mychal, librarian
“Thank you again for the materials; we are LOVING it. The kids made Napier Bones last week and played the Prime Climb game. At some point in the month we’re doing an escape room using some of the puzzles in the kit. So exciting!!” Joyce Pittam, Woolworth Community Library
I just wanted to share that I put out the Block by Block puzzle and some of the tangrams during our Homeschool Hangout today and two little girls aged 4 and 5, who had not met before but are now best friends, worked very intently and cooperatively on building the various 2-D and 3-D designs. They especially liked the bunny and the train, but they wished there was a unicorn.Alicia Niwagaba, Youth Librarian Austin Public Library SE Branch
I really enjoyed the experience. I love the outdoors and nature and math. So the combination of the both is awesome. I really enjoyed the stepping stone because we get hands on experiences. The free time to explore was awesome and seeing the insects was really cool.David, student
Thank you so much for setting up such an amazing and informative field trip for us. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this and I really did learn a lot about the Fibonacci sequence. Some pointers i would personally give is possibly expanding the lesson. Each station began with the same explanation, so it became quite repetitve. Other than that the field trip was excellent; I truly enjoyed it.Isabella, student
We had a geat experience learning about the golden ratio and fibonacci sequence. Thank you so much for explaining math in a way that is fun and engaging. It was lots of fun. I hope to go on many more field trips with y’all. I am very grateful for this experience. Tori, student
Thank you for having us on the field trip. I had a great time. It was very nice to be able to visualize the math and actually see real world examples that can be found in nature. I didn’t see any flaws in the field trip and I think it was very well organized and I could tell there was a lot of preparation.Jen , student
This field trip was surprising fun for being math. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed learning about math. I’m also impressed with how nature is so heavily related to math. The best part was the caliper part because I learned how the golden ratio deals with humans, plants, storms and patterns. The bunny/tree part was the least fun because the exercises were too much paperwork detracting from the “fun” and becoming too much like a classroom.Benny, student
Thanking you for having us today for our field trip. I had a ton of fun and learned a great deal. I appreciate everything you did for us today and for our gift you gave us. Thank you again and I hope I have another opportunity to be a part of your programs. Dakota , student
I really liked how it was visual so I could see and understand it. Usually math isn’t fun or relatable but you made it that way so thank you so much.Rusty, student
Thank you so much for your creative lecturing this morning! I learned a lot and I especially enjoyed being able to see the golden ratio in the specimens. They were beautiful and something we don’t get to see every day! Best of Luck in the future, Ryanna Thanks so much or hosting the field trip! It was cool to see all of the patterns with the Fibonacci sequence. I enjoyed the hands on opportunities to demonstrate the sequence, however, I wish the lady in the room with the interactive tree was more prepared with understanding of the topic and explanations. Other than that, the field trip was a success! Charlie, student
I’m just gonna to say that thank you for all the information about animals, math methods, all that we learn and you teach to us was amazing I really like it. Thank you for accept us to see how your program works.Gerardo, student
Yo thanks for that dope field trip.Sami, student
I had fun! I felt that I didn’t understand it at first until we learned about the golden ratio three different ways. The Fibonacci sequence is so cool, it’s so strange how nature and almost everything works and plays into the Fibonacci sequence.Samantha, student
I thought the Austin Nature Center and the stuff we did there were really interesting. I learned a lot of new things and the golden ratio caliper we got to keep is really cool. The only thing I wish that could be done better is that I wish we had more time to walk around the nature and science center to explore and see all of the cool things you have there. Other than that the trip was really cool and I would like to come back sometime.Roberto, student
Thank you so much for organizing the activities for us! It was very enjoyable to see the animals and do the activities (like the stepping stones game) The only thing I would’ve been happier not doing than doing was the worksheets about the family trees and solving the ratios. Other than that, it was really great! Natalie, student
Thank you for hosting this field trip. We really enjoyed learning about the Golden Ratio. The visuals and activities were very helpful to our understanding. We especially liked the stepping stone activity and making the family tree for the bees. Daisy & Franny, students
Thank you so much for your lesson about the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. I found it really interesting, especially when we were able to test out the calipers and fractal blocks. I will be looking for the golden ratio in everything now! Emory, student


I have had a great time until now working for MathHappens. The goal of this organization is to teach children, but I have ended up learning more than I have to offer to the children!Viyang Shah, UTeach

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I'm interested! I am so excited about all of this! I have wanted to have math field trips for Algebra 1 - Algebra 2 my entire career! Thank you.Ms Mardi, Austin High School

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We were so privileged to have you at MathFest this year! The dynamism, the engagement activities, and the conversations you provided for the families were incredibly powerful and made a memorable impression on our membership (including our staff and board of directors).Nicole Goberdhan, Director Competition Operations


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