TEKSCon at San Antonio

Lauren SiegelMaking Math, Teacher Support & TrainingLeave a Comment

MathHappens branched out today by going to San Antonio, Texas. We were invited to show our math models at the TEKSCon Free Resource Showcase, where educators would be searching for resources they could implement into their schools.

We set up at a round table so attendees could sit with us and chat about what MathHappens does. At the same time, they were able to build their own golden ratio caliper and feel the value of hands-on math education. We were also showcasing other math models, including the Spiral of Theodorus, Napier’s Bones, mirror books, a unit circle, and more.

We also brought some raffle prizes in our new MathHappens drawstring backpacks, and here is one of the winners!

Thanks to Scott Bush for inviting us to TEKSCon and letting us be a part of this cool event.

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