Talking math strategies at Nerd Nite Austin

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This intrepid team from the audience solved a series of pooled testing challenges! And overall we had a great experience talking to the gaming experts at Nerd Nite Austin at the Vigilante Gastropub and Bar last night!  The program (see second half of twitchtv broadcast) included the Birthday Paradox.  In the crowd of 65 there were 6 sets of twins!  And we covered a range of topics that illustrate ways mathematics can help us get information that might seem out of reach.  And we did some time traveling to do it.  How do we know the Earth is round (1657)?  How big is the Earth (200 BC)?  Where does Cholera come from (1858)? What is in that lake (undated), and finally a game to understand Pooled Testing (invented in 1943, but in use today).  It was a lot of fun.  We gave out some prizes and really enjoyed the place and the audience.  You can see the slides here.

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