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After talking with Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, we began searching for new ideas to interact with Voronoi Diagrams. During our pre-pandemic presentations and events we allowed people to interact with a Voronoi simulation that had been posted on Wikipedia.


While brainstorming we decided to buy a flipbook kit and test out what we could do with them. One of our interns, Quan Nguyen, created a Voronoi Flipbook! Here is a tweet with a video of the flipbook.

To make your own Voronoi Flipbooks try coloring these.  Paola Garcia set them up so you can color by letter.  Be sure to not cut the edge of the paper.  The image is set up to take advantage of the paper edge, you will also need a medium binder clip to keep it together:

Color by letter hexagon voronoi flip book.

Or Color by letter irregular voronoi flip book..

Precolored means you can print these and cut them and and then you just need the binder clip.

Pre-colored Irregular books can be found here

Or come up with your own!







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