Take and Make: The new Spectre Tiles for Math Teacher’s Circle of Austin

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Professor Jennifer Austin hosts this great group and some of our favorite friends were in attendance.  The plan was to have teachers put together a tabletop magnetic whiteboard display of the Einstien or Hat Tile discovered in March this year, but …. Surprise! another tile, called the Spectre that does not have to be reflected to tessellate was discovered just this week.  So we had hat tile, the related Turtle tiles, flat sided Spectre tiles and curvy ones to play with.  There are some really creative designs and we had a great morning.   Our Spectre CAD Files are in this folder.

You can find links to the hat tiles in a previous blog entry.

CAD Files to make Turtle tiles are here.

The link to the slideshow which has more links to the prepress article, NYTimes article and other resources is here.

Desmos has made a tool for making your own version of the Spectre tile.


Please let us know if you have any trouble with our files.  We’ll help if we can!

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