Take and Make: Printables to Guide your Project.

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This is a transformer puzzle.  The template has one side set up as a hexagon and the other side a square, but the hexagon design can still be rearranged as a square as well. Maddie Wallace made this logo for University of Wisconsin by hand.

Be sure to use the link to get the PDF file. Transformer Puzzle Square to Hexagon

On the square side, its also a two way transformer puzzle!  There are lots of options for creative designs.



These pieces can be made into a Hexagon or a Square.  So we’ve put two sets on this printable.  If you put an image, drawing or picture on each one, you can cut them out, glue the pieces back to back and your two sided puzzle will be complete.  Some testing resulted in these tips:  Print onto cardstock (110 if you have it), color with crayons or colored pencils, and use glue stick to glue the pieces.  You could of course glue to thicker cardboard if you have good scissors to cut. Transformer Puzzle Square to Hexagon

Our other printable are available.  More photos and descriptions coming soon, but feel free to browse the PDFs in the meantime.  MathHappens Printable Projects Folder.

Project 2:  You can print pretty colored Golden Spiral parts or use the outlines on page 2 of the PDF to color your own.  It’s always surprising to me that quarter circles can make a spiral.  Its one of the interesting things about the Golden Ratio

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