Take and Make: Mathematical Origami

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I want the files now!

We attended the MOVES Conference at the Museum of Mathematics in New York this summer.  Main topic?  Mathematical Origami.  There is a lot going on with capabilities to weaken materials and facilitate folding with lasers and other precision devices.  Robert Lang and Eric Demaine are both experts and innovators in this area and they spoke at the conference, but there are many engineering departments and mathematicians and physicists working in this area.

We came home inspired to make our own files so we can share these with the Austin Community and we invite you to take them and make something of your own!  Check out our list of SVG files for front and back etching on cardstock and make some cool origami gadgets with applications from microsurgery to space exploration.  Here are a couple of videos Josephine made to show how these designs move:  Video 1:  Miura Map Fold, Video 2:  Miura Ori

2 Comments on “Take and Make: Mathematical Origami”

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