Take and Make: Hinged Parabola Stretcher

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Super simple and yet kind of cool.  You need a machine screw, a wing nut, some scrap wood about 4″x.5″,  and some stretchy elastic.  We cut ours on a Helix laser cutter.  Directions and Files Here.  Check the video on Twitter to see how it moves. Article from American Mathematical Association here.

Also if you don’t want to make from scratch, we could send you the parts.  Fill out this form – no charge, but we may not get them to everyone if there is a crazy amount of interest.

These were made by college students:

You can also take your stretch parabola out into the “not so wild” and match it to structures or streams or water.

Video Here

Jan 2023.  We send materials out whenever we can and we really enjoy when results are posted for us to enjoy!


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