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This group surprised us!  These 5th graders worked on a voronoi map, observed voronoi patterns in a microscope and on animals and participated in a lively discussion on cholera and epidemiology.  When we got to the iPad demo of circles colliding one young man watching the patterns emerge from colliding circles said “this is so satisfying”.

With overcast skies, we did a walk featuring tree measuring and a theoretic visit to the sunclock, viewed some birds of prey and finished at the Golden Ratio exhibit in the gallery.  Lunch in the activities room and then constructing their own calipers rounded out the experience.

Thank you to teacher Mellissa Vasquez for bringing a great group and to Michelle Tat for co – teaching.

Favorite Quote:

“The field trip Friday was AWESOME!  I literally heard one of the kids say “that was the BEST day!” as we were walking back in the school.  Thank you to both of you ladies for everything.”

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