Take and Make: T-Puzzles

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The T-Puzzle is a very old puzzle and it comes in several versions.  In the version we made, the width and height are the same.   Jordan Varat cut a board with silhouettes  as puzzles that we will send to our math rooms in Austin, Mankato and Albuquerque.  Megan Do worked on the CAD files and created the printable silhouettes you see below so everyone can use them as well.  Feel free to print the puzzle pieces and a variety of printable silhouettes scaled to match.  The file for a small puzzle with etched outlines and solutions on the back is here.

Megan Do and Mellissa Wilkinson making a quantity of puzzles and silhouettes.

Below is an Antique T-puzzle owned by Kris Hollingsworth in Mankato. The proportions of width to height of the T are 3/4 so the puzzles are different. CAD Files for that version of the puzzle can be found here.

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