Special Delivery! Math Activities.

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We are finding new ways to get math activities to our K-12 students and families in Austin.

Today we are providing three models to families served by Jose Carrasco and the Dobie Family Resource Center in north Austin:

  1. A geometry activity set that can be used for young children learning shapes and for middle schoolers and even high school.  It includes a mini protector to extend the learning and an activity sheet (download here) in English and Spanish designed by Ximena Garcia who is working remotely from Monterrey, Mexico.
  2. A Negative Number Slider ideal for middle schoolers and tiles that can be used to see how 4 – 7 results in -3 on the number line.  Using the blank sides we can create algebraic equations like 6 – (4+x) = -3  what is x?
  3. A few mini-unit circle sets ideal for high school students working with trigonometric identities, the Pythagorean Theorem, coordinates, radians and degrees.

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