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Options for Adding Mathematics connections:

Labels on exhibits * Live demonstrations* Make and Take activities  * Field Trip programs *  Family  Activity Area ideas   * sculptures and installations.

Resource List for Web and in person Mathematics

 Web and in person:  Some organizations who work with museums and in public arenas to provide Mathematics Performances, Events and Experiences. Email addresses will put you in direct contact

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (US) Recreational mathematics web content and public events designed to be accessible for general public “low floor, high ceiling” . Webinars in English and Spanish. Dr. Hector Rosario. [email protected]

Matheatre (US) Musical performances, zoom with historical figures in Math and science, web, podcasts and more. Sadie Bowman [email protected]

Music Notes LLCC (US) Perform original music and rap songs about mathematics. Web performances available Jimmy Pascascio [email protected]

Fundapromat (Panama) Spanish Language Webinars and Events on recreational mathematics topics, Dr. Jeanette Shakalli [email protected]

Public Math (US) Postcard projects, math vending machines, thematic installations., Christopher Danielson [email protected] 

Bubbly Maths (UK) – Balloon polyhedra, webinars and more for a general audience or family event, Caroline Ainslie [email protected] 

MMACA (Catalonia)- Math museum, exhibits, Travelling Math Kits, Digital Resources. Sergio Belmonte [email protected] 

MathHappens Foundation (US)- Models, displays, activities and interactives. Lauren Siegel [email protected]



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