“Mathematics that is relevant, useful and real. MathHappens Foundation offers Professional develoment that provides educators concrete ways to relate standards based content to mathematics in the real world.”

Professional Development

Crafting Conic Section Models

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CPE Credits are available for Texas educators.

Crafting Conic Section Models is a currently available professional development workshop during which participants will review the mathematical relationships of the parts of the conic section model – cone, circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola. They will also make models by slicing clay, working with templates on cardboard, and by customizing a wooden model. Participants leave with options to approach this activity with students, a wooden conic section model, and a copy of the MAA Horizons article on this topic. More details and a workshop example from Math Teacher’s Circle of Austin are in our blog at https://www.mathhappens.org/crafting-conic-sections-with-mtca-math-teachers-circle-of-austin/

Mathematics of Pooled Testing Workshop

MathHappens is currently offering a professional development suite of lessons in collaboration with CoMap and Developing a Mathematical Toolkit that include a laboratory kit for pooled test demonstrations, and both a middle school and high school suite of lessons.

The lessons cover the basics of population sampling, trials and data collection, analysis using averages and expected value, experimental design, geometric probability, varying infection rates mathematical modeling, bi-variate data analysis, and developing functions as models.

The Engagement and Explorations include Introduction through a hands-on experiment, creating a simulation model using everyday items, and an interactive activity to decipher and decode pooled test results

Support with optional videos using technology to explore mathematical topics is also included.

Mathematics to fight a Pandemic: Explorations and lesson sequences for middle and high school


Overview Session:
Over the course of 90 minutes attendees will experience a demonstration, overview of the teaching materials and an option to attend a breakout session for middle or high school.

In Depth Sessions:

I. Pre-Algebra/Algebra Program (90 minutes)
This program is geared toward teachers, administrators and math specialists. We will explore how to determine when pooled testing makes sense using our ready-to-share lesson sets. Applying probability and simulations and then shifting to algebraic models, we will share exciting applications accessible in pre-algebra and algebra courses. Seventeen activities for use in the classroom will be shared that cover standards at the pre-Algebra and Algebra levels.

II. Advanced Algebra and Pre-Calculus Program (90 minutes)
This session is for teachers, administrators and math specialists interested in pre-calculus, statistics and functions and modeling. We will engage in the modeling process as we explore the rich mathematical topics in these lessons. These lessons, complete with student handouts and teacher materials, are designed to support math educators as they offer students opportunities to develop their problem-solving skills using a real-world context.

III. Creative Modeling and Student Projects (90 minutes).
This part of the program involves designing models, rich problem solving tasks, decoding schematics and researching academic and media publications. The factors impacting the models include prevalence of disease, understanding of geometric constructs, graph theory and laboratory techniques.

Workshop attendees will receive access to teaching guides and materials as well as a laboratory demonstration kit.
Connecting math concepts to the world outside the classroom is a major challenge in mathematics education and this workshop is an opportunity to facilitate that process and give students a perspective on the power of mathematics to address real problems in the world today.

The sessions are taught by Usha Kotelawala, Maria Hernández and Lauren Siegel.

The program is sponsored by CoMap and MathHappens Foundation. Please submit this form to express your interest. MathHappens Foundation is a Certified CPE Provider approved and registered by the State Board of Education and the Texas Education Agency.