On the road: Pflugerville Makerpfest

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Melissa Wilkinson and Megan Do were at the  Pflugerville Public Library Maker Pfest Event  June 3rd  to share some of our favorite maker projects, including the brand new Spectre tile, puzzle a day, egg tangrams, cars with unusual wheels and more with this community just north of Austin.  Unlike the old “new” tile, this one tessellates without a pattern and you never have to use a reflected image.  Some people call it the “vampire” tile because it has no reflection.  Event participants had a chance to play with the tiles and much more.

Megan noted a couple of interesting comments from visitors:  “One was from a dad and his daughter about the area of a circle proof model. The dad explained that he had tried to teach his daughter that proof before, but she didn’t understand it at the time. When they used our model though, the daughter understood it immediately!
Another one was that a lady saw our Cairo Tiling ad in the Chronicle! She mentioned that she cut out the Cairo tile and everything. She was curious about the hat tile and was wondering how it was different than the Cairo tile. After learning about both the hat tile and the spectre tile, she wanted to take some home with her.”

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