Pflugerville MS Science Night

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Photos not coming soon!  Cassandra, Kyla, Alex and I were going to be at Pflugerville MS with Lewis Carroll Puzzles, the amazing Mental Logs, and an Ozobot demonstration and activity, but the event has been postponed : (.  You can still Click through here to see the  activities we were going to be bringing.

We are trying to get more information, examples and ideas out about how to do math at a STEM fair or other event so I’m leaving this one up as an example.  It was going to be for two tables.

We try to have some puzzles and games that can be explored solo or in a small group like the Tangrams, something that is a combination of  demonstration and interactive like the Ozobot where there are choices for kind of figure to use or the 64 = 65 puzzle that invites an interaction and conversation.  We also try for themes such as Lewis Carroll and other puzzles.  We might use one interactive to show two ideas – the ozobot can show why we only see one side of the moon and it can also show how to find the sum of interior angles of a regular polygon.  We also might use two different activities to show one same idea such as the string on Ozobot to show the turns around a polygon add to 360, and also we have cones and a rope so a person can traverse a path and find this same result.

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