Pflugerville Maker Pfest 2024

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Maker Pfest was a Success!

“I just wanted to thank your group for hosting a booth at this year’s Maker Pfest. They were so friendly and professional with everyone stopped by, and I know they were kept busy the whole time. All the kids who stopped by looked like they were having a bunch of fun. If you all would like to come back next year, I can reach out again when I start planning.” Senior Librarian – Adult Services Library, City of Pflugerville, TX.

Staff team includes Taran Kumar, Ella Basken and Tyson Geigenmiller.


Ella and Taran designed and made some new activities.  This Four Color – Fiasco was a big hit.  Taran designed it from scratch not using any any existing templates or patterns.  The project also taught him a variety of CorelDraw skills.

The prototype on the left isn’t circular and didn’t have a frame.  The one on the right is the finished version and we plan to make more to place in our math rooms.

Taran also found a four color problem posted on the Geogebra website that event participants really enjoyed.

Ella 3d printed this Impossible Cylinders Model.  Viewed from one angle we see diamonds and from another cylinders.  A mirror allows us to see both at once.

There were also paper versions to make and take home.

Visitors also enjoyed Puzzle-a-Day, area of circle model, and our 3D optical illusion


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