Partner Spotlight: Workshop visit with Kim Kinder from Cuba, MO

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Kimberly Kinder is a high school math teacher who is really passionate about bringing new learning experiences for her students.  She drove 12 hours to come to Austin because she’s really interested in making some of the models we have and in making her own. We are really excited about supporting her work.

Kimberly not only selected some models and materials from our collection to take to her students in Cuba, she also had a specific model – the adjustable hyperbola that she wanted to make. And she also had an interactive teaching tool, the Trigram with her. It’s not available to buy anymore, but since we can understand its geometry, we could make our own.  Kim took several sets with her and we made a couple more to have here.  Kim shared her lesson with the Trigrams with us and you can find it at this link.  Thank you Kim!

Kimberly also visited our space at the Austin Nature and Science Center and checked the time at the Human Sunclock on her way there!

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