Partner Spotlight: Seattle Universal Math Museum Outreach

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We have been sharing ideas, materials, CAD files and finished models with a variety of partners.  The folks at SUMM, the Seattle Universal Math Museum has been bringing math activities to the greater Seattle area as well as attending teaching conferences and hosting events.  These photos are exciting for us because SUMM partnered with a local makerspace, sourced and manufactured their frames and then added a great twist that we want to borrow back — the pet play pool that keeps it all under control.  Time to dive into some math!

Here’s a quote from founder Tracy Drinkwater:

Thank you so much for the idea, encouragement and support to get our ball frames made. Please see below for the creative “build” activity we had at our recent Family Math Fun session. Our theme last month was Math is Building, and they were a big hit. We purchased a foldable pet swimming pool to help contain them on the lino flooring. 

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