Educator Night!

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This evening we headed to the Thinkery which is hosting an event for educators.  MathHappens interns Paola Garcia, Josephine Sheng and Ben Duong provided information on three field trips that will help teachers help students understand math in context and possibly answer the infamous “so what” question.  In addition we will be making and designing with the Spiral of Theodorus.

Austin Museum Day Part 5: Austin Nature and Science Center

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We were enthused about being back at the Austin Nature and Science Center for Austin Museum Day! Activities included visiting the Human Sunclock, which unfortunately was not fully functional due to it being a cloudy day with only brief moments of sunlight. However, that didn’t stop people from going over and still visiting. Other activities were using navigational quadrants and

Austin Museum Partnership Educator Night

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We brought a variety of materials and most importantly three of our UTeach Spring Interns to Educator night sponsored by the Austin Museum Partnership, and hosted at the LBJ Library — Fancy. We had some great conversations with teachers and with museum staff about adding math to museum offerings and about opportunities to take Math Field Trips!


Testimonials and InterviewsThis morning was the first time I was able to introduce Vallejo youngsters to the fractals. They loved them! They always enjoy coloring, but were blown away by the idea of using numbers, math, and shapes to create art. I let them imagine, and two little girls teamed up to figure out that they could use various shapes

Informal Education Partnerships

“Including Mathematical ideas can enhance and support your Exhibits and Programs”Informal Education ProgramsOverviewMath connections that align with your primary mission can help you provide the public with a greater quality of experiences.  Is Math simply missing from your STEM or STEAM programs?  Whether you highlight just the mathematics relevant to your programming, or create a space for a mathematical playground,


People We like math. We think it’s fun, interesting and worthwhile. We want to share this with anybody and everybody who is interested.MathHappens is founded by Phil and Lauren Siegel. The current board includes Phil and Lauren as well as their sons, Matt Siegel and Alex Siegel. Christopher Danielson, as Director of Math Play for Mathhappens designs, builds, implements, and