Educating the PublicEngage visitors with Math!Educating our ChildrenGo on a Math Field Trip!Latest PostsRemote Intern Program: Summer 2023December 9, 2023This summer, 5 interns participated in MathHappens projects remotely from Las Vegas, the Chicago area, Knox County, IL, and Lake County, IL. In September, we started our fall cohort with 4 interns in Irving, TX, Edmond, OK, Knoxville,TN, and Appleton, WI.


AboutA Short Video MathHappens’ Early ProjectsFounded in the fall of 2014 by Philip and Lauren Siegel, MathHappens has been exploring ideas, options, strategies and partnerships to bring math into community conversations here in Austin, elsewhere in Texas, and in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, California and more. In Spring 2022 we opened The MathHappens Math Room in a