New Life Alliance Photos

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We are so pleased to receive photos from the various locations where New Life Alliance is hosting the math materials we provided.  The kids clubhouses in their residential buildings are meant to be an academic enrichment resource as well as a community gathering space.  These are our puzzle frames and 21st Century Pattern Blocks produced by Math for Love and created by Christopher Danielson.  Increasing access to off screen materials, and supporting opportunities to play and build a positive resilient attitude may be the very best things we do at MathHappens.  This is a great example.  There are no metrics here, no instructions or evaluation, just math activities where there were none before, and evidence of a good time.

Curious about the math?  The pattern blocks relate directly to the overlapping circles in the famous seed of life image and the puzzle frames are the stages of the famous Koch Snowflake Fractal, one of the first fractals ever identified.  These young people are working with both of these mathematical forms and more and having fun all the while.


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