More Time at the Austin Nature and Science Center

Lauren SiegelNature & Science CenterLeave a Comment

We are set today to preview some new models. We are hoping despite the rain to show some visitors the stereographic projection of a sphere. Its a really good demo on how the distortion happens with Maps. Why it happens has to do with mapping for ease of navigation. We are working on explaining this in connection with La Belle, the ship installed at the Texas State History Museum, but its relevant to the Voyage of the Beagle (Darwin’s Vessel) and in general to understanding how so many of our maps misrepresent the relative size of countries and continents near the poles as larger than they truly are relative to those at or near the equator.

We are also getting closer to finalizing the Golden Ratio Table. We’d like to have set of materials that the Nature and Science Center can display all the time, or on a rotating basis that is durable, easy and straightforward to set up and self explanatory for visitors.

Stepping stone math games are still in the works — we’d like to come up with some fun games to play on the path. Also in connection with Fibonacci, the stones are in Roman Numerals, but he actually was the one to bring Arabic numbers to the west.

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