More Collaborations: Madam Math Circle, Math Clubs and the Almaden Public Library

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Madam Math Circle is cofounded by Sheryl Hsu who completed a really great outreach project for the Alamden Quicksilver Mining Museum early this summer.  Sheryl has since requested some table materials and has take them to some local math circles with her colleagues at Madam Math which she cofounded.   The next stop will be the Almaden Public Library this coming weekend.  Sheryl and Madam Math Circle are great examples of a collaboration with MathHappens to bring some math to local community learning spaces.

Here’s an excerpt from Sheryl’s Note:

Today we brought a variety of activities to Valley Christian junior high and high school’s math clubs. It overall went well and the kids and teachers seemed to enjoy it. Attached are quite a few photos.  The Madam Math Circle instagram (madam.mathcircle) also made a post.  We will be tabling at the library next Friday and Saturday.  One last question: Is it OK to give some of the activities to teachers? The teacher supervising today was interested in the calendar puzzles, conic section model, and radian model.  Thanks so much for the opportunity to do all of this! Will keep you updated on how the library event goes.

Sheryl is going to give the requested models to the teachers after the library event.  Her photos are below along with the great flyer she made for her event.

Other examples include remote intern Riley Hendricks who took a math table to Explora in Albuquerque, NM, and our summer 2022 Farmers Market Math table collaboration with master Maker Ken Hawthorn of ACE Academy.  More reports on projects from other remote interns and colleagues to come!

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