Mission & History

MathHappens is dedicated to creating math models and supporting development of mathematical experiences outside of the classroom. MathHappens was founded in fall of 2014. We have built partnerships with institutions that are destinations for families and individuals in our community. We bring math programming to their regular exhibits as well as special events and we have funded and built permanent installations as well. We are excited to connect with the maker community and educators from all disciplines. We offer internships to math and science preservice teachers through a collaboration with the UTeach internship program that extends to partnerships with UTeach Maker. We also collaborate with teachers and schools for field trips and events from the Round Rock ISD, Pflugerville ISD and the Austin ISD. We are a fully funded non profit and intend to share our ideas, making files and learning experiences with everyone who would like to join us in celebrating math.
A s of 2023, we have two locations in Texas, The MathHappens Math Room in Austin, and the Houston House of Math where the public can go in person, for free to use the hands-on, engaging math models and learning experiences that we have been bringing to events and programs hosted by informal education institutions since 2014. Our materials can also be used at math festivals, and in maker spaces, libraries, museums and public venues of all kinds. We incorporate history, culture and community into our field trip programs and we use digital technology like laser cutters to make models, displays and activities that not only teach the math, but inspire and empower participants to design and make their own learning materials. We are interested in collaborations to open more permanent learning spaces in more communities, and we support outreach projects by other educators that communicate mathematical ideas, engage diverse learner populations and create more public access through grants, collaborations, and an open exchange of ideas.