MathHappens @ the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota!

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Now open!  As of today, MathHappens has a math engagement/play space in the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota.  This is a beautiful museum that contains original exhibits designed to connect to every day life in and around Mankato, MN.  From corn ears to play pigs, the museum provides the kind of hands-on play-based learning that we love.  Play spaces abound both outdoors, and indoors.  Our space is in a mezzanine play area that is set up with math activities.  Once fully staffed we plan to offer the space with math activities from 12 – 4 on Saturdays and Sundays and 3-7 on Thursdays.

To launch this math play space, we brought our favorite Math Room activities!  We’ve recruited staff who are undergraduate and graduate students at the nearby Minnesota State University, Mankato.  And we have a super coordinator Kris Hollingsworth, who is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics to organize the staff and space and to think creatively about the mathematical experience.  Kathleen Burns, Director of Museum Experience who is our main contact at the museum has provided an ideal space.

Quotes from visitors:

A little girl walked upstairs and spent about three minutes shouting “It’s awesome up here!”

One parent said “We’re usually gone by noon, but we overslept. But we might have to rethink our weekend schedules so we can come back for this every weekend!”

A list of our initial activities and supplies is here.


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