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We need more math where people can find it, play with it, and enjoy it. Therefore,  are excited to introduce our newest project: MathHappens in the Newspaper.  Elizabeth Wrightsman is heading this project and the rest of the team is contributing ideas, submissions, and landing pages for each week.

Below you’ll find an up to date display of all our submissions to The Austin Chronicle. You can also locate them from The Chronicle‘s archives at the following links (2020 issues,  2021 issues).

All additional links from the QR codes can be accessed here.

We’d also love to receive any feedback you have on our past submissions via this form.


Weekly Submissions


5 Comments on “MathHappens in the Newspaper: The Austin Chronicle”

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  3. Hi folks. I’m an Austin Chronicle reader (from Issue #1), and I must say your weekly challenge has become part of why I love the Chronicle. I look forward to each new challenge.

    But, here’s a small complaint. I don’t have a smart phone, and I don’t have a camera on my computer. So your QR code is useless for me. I’m used to this, since everyone now seems to assume everyone has the ability to scan a smart code. But I thought y’all might do better. I searched your entire website for a problem (“A Hole New Board”) that appeared in the Dec. 10, 2021 issue of the Chronicle, but failed to find it.

    Can you PLEASE add a page where each problem and its solution can be found? And also add that link to your print copy?

    Thanks…a dedicated reader & math addict. ([email protected])

    BTW…I solved the problem. But I want to forward it to another math junkie. Must I really scan the Chronicle to do this?!

    1. Thank you for your comment. We love the Chronicle too and are very happy to be a small part. We do have a link from this blog entry to the landing page, but we can make it more visible. We don’t have the problems on there, just solutions, but this is a change we should consider for 2022. Best, MH

  4. Regarding your challenge in the April 22, 2022 edition of the Austin Chronicle called Playing with Areas of Circles…I decided to give it a try. In consulting your provided solution It appears you used the diameter of the circles as opposed to the radius of the circles in your calculations. Yes?
    Thanks for the interesting challenge. Enjoyed putting my mind to work.

    Thank you Stan! You are right. We used diameter in our equations where we should have used the radius. We have fixed the solution page. Keep on calculating! We appreciate you. –Lauren at MathHappens

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