MathHappens 4 x @ The Austin Nature and Science Center

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A Human Sunclock!

Installed adjacent to the pathway outside the visitor center, it only works if you are there to cast the shadown that tells the time. This one is set to CDT, its exactly one hour late at this time of year (December).

A Math Vending Machine!

In the visitor center is a trading desk where you can ask questions, trade found natural objects for points and then trade those points for a token for the math vending machine, by Public Math and other goodies.

A Permanent Exhibit!

Visitors explore the Golden ratio with proportional calipers, a reverse etched mirror (to find it in your own face), and by building a golden spiral puzzle.

A Math Room!

For nearly two years the Austin community has been invited to this space to play, enjoy mathematical models and manipulables and meet math friendly people like Holly Tran, Matt Hertel, Julie Wu and Niela Williams, who are ready to  share their enthusiasm for math.    Scroll on to see some of our offerings and read some visitor comments.  Some kids just won’t leave the math room and some parents decide they can have all the time they want.

Some visitors just dont want to leave : )

2 Comments on “MathHappens 4 x @ The Austin Nature and Science Center”

  1. When are you there every week?! Do you now have a permanent room there? We just happened to be there when you were once and we loved it. Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. The Math Room at Austin Nature and Science Center is open every weekend (except when ANSC is closed) 9-3 on Saturdays and 12-3 on Sundays. I hope you come again!

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