MathHappens at Austin Nature and Science Center Museum Day 2021

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This year at Austin Nature and Science Centers Museum Day, MathHappens hosted activities relating to Voronoi diagrams and Fibonacci numbers. Thank you to Austin Nature and Science Center staff for helping us prepare for this event and for everyone that came out to Museum Day!

Steph Lee and Rashell Soria led the activities at our Voronoi Diagram table. Visitors got to see digitally how Voronoi diagrams are formed and physically see a 3D model of a Voronoi diagram. At the table, we discussed how Voronoi is everywhere in nature, including giraffe skin, turtle shells, and even on the back of our hands. Voronoi also has applications in epidemiology, sports, and animal territory. Visitors were able to take a Voronoi stain glass kit with them as well as a Voronoi flipbook.



Quan Nguyen and Eli Meyers led activities at our Fibonacci Table. Visitors got to look at a model of a future installation of a Fibonacci Garden at the Austin Nature and Science Center. They also engaged in an activity called Fibonacci Stones. By determining the number of ways to get to a certain stone, we can find the Fibonacci numbers. Here is a write up of instructions for how to do the Fibonacci Stones activity.

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