"It’s awesome up here!"

-a young visitor to the MathHappens math room in Mankato, MN

Math Rooms

M athHappens  currently supports math rooms in four locations across three states. We are always seeking new partners and new opportunities. Read on for more information about math rooms, their current locations, and how to connect with us to get a math room started in your area.

We partner with museums, history centers, libraries, and other public spaces who can offer a room for math activities and a modest space for storage. MathHappens provides materials and staffing to keep the space open, vibrant, safe, and tidy.

Our math rooms

Albuquerque, NM: Explora! Science Center and Children's Museum

Starting in February 2023, MathHappens has offered sphere stacking, puzzle-solving, pattern-making, and additional mathy fun every Saturday.

A room full of families, math fun, and natural light.

Austin, TX: Austin Nature and Science Center

Starting in 2022, Austin Nature and Science Center began hosting the first MathHappens math room each Saturday and Sunday. Admission to ANSC—and the math room—is free of charge.

Several groups of people play with mathy objects on tables and the floor in a very happy scene.

Austin, TX: Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex

Since summer 2023, the free-admission lobby of the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex has hosted MathHappens every Saturday. While on their way to/from birthday parties, roller skating, arcade games, and bowling, families puzzle, design, and play each week.

A family plays with large and small scale math activities in a large open space; assisted by MathHappens staff in matching blue T-shirts.

Mankato, MN: Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota

In Fall 2023, we began partnering with the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota. Largely staffed by faculty, staff, and students at the local university, MathHappens brings mathy fun to the museum's multi-use mezzanine each Saturday during the academic year.

A family fills frames with colorful pattern blocks on a tabletop, while children play with other things in the background.

Getting Started

Do you want to add math to your space? We are always looking for new partners in new locations!

What do you need? A space in a place where families, friends and people go to be together, share some time and enjoy each other’s company. We love when it can be free of admission.  

What do you “need”?  An indoor space, 3 tables, a magnetic whiteboard or two, some carpet for floor activities, and some really great models and materials that we provide!

If you think your institution might be a good fit for a MathHappens math room, please get in touch via email: [email protected].