Making Friends with the M in STEM: STEM Santa Fe Spring Camp

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MathHappens Foundation and STEM Santa Fe partnered together to host a week’s worth of camp sessions for a group of 27 students from March 15-19. Camp sessions were led by MathHappens staff, Lauren Siegel, Josephine Sheng, Elizabeth Wrightsman, Anh Nguyen and Viyang Shah and group discussions were led by a group of facilitators including Naila Hajiyeva, and Quan Nguyen who participated in all sessions.

Read the Full Report from STEM SantaFE Here.  It was a great collaboration.

The schedule for the camp was:

Day 1: I think therefore I am – Descartes and Number arrays

Day 2: Mary Boole and Curve Stitching

Day 3: Women in Computer Science – Carol Shaw and 3D tic-tac-toe

Day 4: Modeling Graph Theory – Euler

Day 5: Calculus the Musical Live!

After each camp session, attendees were asked to take what they learned and continue exploring on their own time. Below are a few submissions we received.

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