MakerFaire San Diego- a really fun time!

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This big guy was on TV last night.  He was right outside the Fleet Center where we set up.

I had to deputize some new staff for this event.  Here’s my best friend’s Dad Ed Balogh helping well do everything!

SueAnn became a caliper expert

Spiral of Theodorus can also make a cool wave pattern

My friend from 7th Grade brought her son Roshan to help out.  He was a fantastic host for the plumb line activity!

Someone figured out how to make the Tangrams into a square so I took a picture : )

Looking forward to pursuing connections MathHappens made in with a new city.  We had a great time testing our idea for teaching math with an Ozobot.  Thanks Shane Hackworth for the ozobot and help at the booth.  Click here for video!  IMG_3135


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