MakeATX Laser Grant

MakeATX is a member based design and fabrication workshop and custom laser cutting studio. Many of the materials, displays, exhibits and models we create at MathHappens are made here. We require all interns to attend training classes at MakeATX and working at the shop is a regular part of the interns’s job.

For students: Any UTeach or other university math student interested in learning to make materials at the workshop can contact us to attend. You can attend the training at MakeATX with the fee waived. There is also an option to spend two hours of time working with MathHappens staff at the shop.

For teachers: We are happy to introduce teachers to laser cutters, which are a great resource for supplementing lesson plans and making original models to use in classroom instruction. We can provide an Informal Session to show how the laser works and also register teachers for the Laser Cutting Basics class, which certifies you to use the laser cutter on your own. MathHappens can provide mentorship and assistance in helping you to create items you desire for your classroom.

The laser capabilities allow us to make models exactly as we want them, in a desirable size and in a form that connects to the concept or problem. This is a model of the classic “Tea with Milk” problem designed by us and laser cut by us at MakeATX. Teacup illustrates fractions Details about MakeATX can be found on their website at: