Make: Education Forum Presentation Sept 25

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Thanks to the the Make: Education Forum for a great conference!

From the Q&A:

The slides I presented are available here.
One book I really recommend, Ernest Irving Freese’s Geometric Transformations by Greg Frederickson.  The book has had written plates by an architect that can be recreated in Corel or other graphics software.

Some of the designs are great for all ages, others will challenge the highest levels of trigonometry, geometry and calculus.  You can find this book on Amazon Here.  We also have some copies to share.  Fill out a request here.  


New makers can make simple models to learn CAD or design software, investigate and communicate a math concept.  We can make models that help teachers communicate their understanding as they teach concepts, give students an off screen example and they look pretty cool.  Puzzles, models and exhibits can go in classrooms, libraries and public spaces to extend the conversation.

The conic section model is a great example.


These are $80 for a set to buy retail, but we made our own original design filesand can produce them for a tenth of that with equipment we have already.  We intend to make many conic section models to give to math teachers and place in libraries.  If a makerspace wants to help us make these we’d be excited to support that work or just get the files and use them as you like.

See our blog entry for the graphics files and for a template that you can use on cardboard.

In our blog sort for “Take and Make”.  These are entries that have files for download.

There is a folder of printables for conic sections, Napier’s bones (calculator), Golden Ratio Icosahedron and Geometry kit (linkages)

Please browse around the website and blog.  We are happy to help, share or save files in other formats.

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