Educator Night!

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This evening we headed to the Thinkery which is hosting an event for educators.  MathHappens interns Paola Garcia, Josephine Sheng and Ben Duong provided information on three field trips that will help teachers help students understand math in context and possibly answer the infamous “so what” question.  In addition we will be making and designing with the Spiral of Theodorus.   Read how to Engage your students with five different introductions relating to Art, Language Arts, Science, Spanish and Social Studies. 

We gave away class sets of Spiral of Theodorus demo sizes and starter triangles to nine teachers and we contributed a Golden Ratio Mirror to the Prize Table.  Thanks very much to the Thinkery for hosting and for Austin Museum Partnership for organizing!

This math spiral activity is “soooo relaxing!”

What a great compliment.  Some people just drew the spiral, others colored it too.

Here’s our contribution to the prize table…. you can look into the mirror and check your face proportions for the Golden Ratio : )


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