Library Math Up and Running!

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We have been sending boxes of math materials, things we’ve made and others by Christopher Danielson of Public Math and Dan Finkel or Math for Love that we think will work for libraries.  How do we measure success?  Very unmathematically!



These are some delightful quotes from a librarian whose staff created a whole program.  We really appreciate hearing back!.

“The theme for our Summer Reading Program is Oceans of Possibilities, so we capitalized on that in forming our Math Divers Club. At this time we’re having Math Divers every Friday during the month of June, but based on tremendous response we may continue throughout the summer and maybe even indefinitely. A staff librarian, took the bull by the horns and made this happen, and I couldn’t be more pleased!”

Thank you again for the materials; we are LOVING it. The kids made Napier Bones last week and played the Prime Climb game. At some point in the month we’re doing an escape room using some of the puzzles in the kit. So exciting!!



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