Internships: Working with MathHappens

Internships at MathHappens can be in person or remote. Experiences include learning CAD software, researching, designing and making models as well as graphics and content for our newspaper program.  Creating in our workshop or in a community makerspace is one major part of the internship — presenting your math model, exhibit or display is the other.   Interns at our Austin location are mentored by returning interns and staff, and work directly with our master teachers at our public spaces.  Remote interns working in our Albuquerque space inside Explora Museum also interact with peer mentors and master teachers.  Our staff have experience coaching CorelDraw, designing for and operating the laser cutter and using the 3d printer in addition to  facilitating public spaces.

Remote interns come from over 20 universities including University of New Mexico, Vanderbilt,  McGill, University of Chicago, Knox College, Brigham Young University in Idaho, New York University, University of North Carolina Greensboro.  Remote interns receive a kit of making supplies as well as some sample projects and complete a series of tasks that include connecting with a maker space, procuring materials and creating and showing an interactive exhibit, achieved with guidance and support from our staff.

Many of the materials, displays, exhibits and models we create at MathHappens are made here in Austin, but we also work with other makers in CA, MN, NY and Spain to produce and distribute models.

For college and graduate students: Any UTeach or other university student interested in learning to make and teach the public with math models is invited to contact us to find out about current opportunities.

Please browse the blog entries on intern experiences  to gain a better idea of the experience.

For teachers: We are happy to introduce teachers to laser cutters, which are a great resource for supplementing lesson plans and making original models to use in classroom instruction. In Austin we can provide an Informal Session to show how the laser works and also register teachers for the Laser Cutting Basics class at a local makerspace.  MathHappens can provide mentorship and assistance in helping you to create items you desire for your classroom.

The laser capabilities allow us to make models exactly as we want them, in a desirable size and in a form that connects to the concept or problem. This is a model of the classic “Tea with Milk” problem designed by us and laser cut by us at MakeATX. Teacup illustrates fractions

Some photos from Spring and Summer 2023

Interns have the opportunity to interact with the public, academic partners at conferences, administrative professionals at our host locations, and corporate volunteers.