“Associate Math with something fun. Extend thinking beyond the classroom. And learn to create shared experiences that enhance collaboration and cooperative learning.”


Math Happens Interns

MathHappens offers internship opportunities through a collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin UTeach Program. We also hire UTeach students who have completed the laser basics trying or who have worked for us in the past. Our UTeach Internship program listing is a good way to understand the goals and implementation of the internship program. You can click through to their webpage, or read the excerpt we’ve reprinted it here:



Interns will complete various projects for local museums and public institutions that relate mathematics concepts to the permanent collections and/or special exhibits.

Interns will research, write and develop mathematically rich interactive activities, create teacher materials, and make take-home guides for families. Some projects may involve planning and constructing exhibit elements. We do have access to the workshop Epilog laser and other resources at MakeAtx so there may be opportunities to design and produce original pieces for distribution to exhibit visitors. Meetings will take place, and work will largely be done in the teacher workroom at UTeach. Some work may also involve site visits at various locations in Austin and training and work time at the MakeATX workshop.

Connecting math concepts to the world outside the classroom is a major challenge in mathematics education and this internship is an opportunity to facilitate that process and to reach students in
the context of a school field trips as well as connecting with families.

Desired Qualities:
Creativity, interest in connecting with math learners of all levels and abilities, and interest in communicating the higher level concepts in an accessible manner. Competent writer and communicator and well versed in mathematics. Also interest in making demonstration devices and manipulatives a plus.