International Parking Day, San Marcos, TX

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What we learned: Parking Day means a town assigns a parking space in the square to anyone who applies. Approved applicants can install their project in an assigned space for a day. The event is coordinated, publicized and promoted by the town. Visitors can circulate past the parking spaces and interact with exhibitors.

MathHappens: We provided a walking activity where you go around cones arranged in a polygon (triangle, square, pentagon) and “discover” that regardless of the number of cones – how many sides in a polygon, the sum of the exterior angles is 360. Our cones were appropriate to the setting and we were able to engage interested visitors. By choosing to spend time with us, visitors had a better experience than most students in school where they have to attend math class. We gave out protractors at this event.

A man holds a rope, standing in a parking lot next to several traffic cones on the left, and a pickup truck on the right. A MathHappens sign is between two additional traffic cones in the foreground

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