Human Sunclock complete at 11:30 CDT Friday August 11!

Lauren SiegelIntern Experience, Nature & Science Center1 Comment

Where?  At the Austin Nature and Science Center!  We are very excited to see the Sunclock finished.  We were practicing for the layout June 19th and its been almost two hot sweaty months of laser cutting molds for the calendar stones, of assisting Nature Center Exhibits Director Josh Ransom with cement pours and false starts getting the dates just right.  This project has been a true collaboration!  Gary in facilities management, Travis from the city Aquatics department were there doing some heavy lifting and offering expertise on stonework as well as Mathhappens team and Margaret Russell, ANSC Education Manager.  There will be an opening on August 21st at the Austin Nature and Science Center.

One Comment on “Human Sunclock complete at 11:30 CDT Friday August 11!”

  1. The sundial was amazing and really interesting for my 4yr. old and me to experience (and during the eclipse nonetheless!) Thank you so much for installing it at the ANSC. We’ll visit often!

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