Honored to Receive a MoMath Rosenthal Prize!

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Title:  Engagement with Ratio and Proportion:  Building a tool to deepen understanding.  The full, final  lesson plan will be available soon here and on the MoMath website.

The MoMath Rosenthal Prize is for Innovation and Inspiration in Math Teaching.  I wrote up a lesson on proportional calipers that was selected as the 2021 runner up prize.  The best part is that MoMath will publish the lesson on their website and we will have the opportunity to share their innovative activities with educators around the world.

I got the chance to thank some people but not everyone so I’d like to repeat very heartfelt thanks to:  Ms. Mardi Nott, Dr. Shelly Rodriguez, Dr. Jennifer Austin, Michelle Tat and Josephine Sheng who wrote recommendations, University of Texas UTeach Program, UTeach Maker, MakeATX, Austin  Museum Partnership, Texas Historical Commission, and very specifically the Austin Nature and Science Center.  We take inspirations from collaborations with other organizations Public Math, Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival, Matheater, Fundapromat, and the international community of educators dedicated to public math literacy.

The superpower of MathHappens are the University of Texas students who have worked for us over the past six years.   They bring to their work a dedication to academic excellence combined with principles and practices of collaboration, inclusion, creativity, mentorship and enthusiasm.

Anyone interested can apply for next year!  Applications are due by May 15, 2021.

Here’s a screen capture with me, the other and first place winner, Douglas O’Rourke, Saul Rosenthal, sponsor of the prize and Cindy Lawrence, Director of MoMath.

The lesson should be posted soon on the MoMath Website and we will share it here as well.

The facebook announcement from Mo Math is here



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