HEB Free Sunday at the Texas State History Museum – November 3

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We had a special treat for HEB Sunday!  Caroline Ainslie of Bubbly Math was on hand to make a geodesic dome from balloons.

We had a great team for the day including Michelle Tat, Lauren Siegel, Marybeth Barnstone, Millie Barnstone, Emmie Chng, Josephine Sheng, Caroline Ainslie, Samantha Trevino and Nina Hunt~

Samantha, Emmie, Josephine, Nina and some guest MH staffers joined us to present tools of navigation.  We made plumb lines, decorated a compass Rose and got out the screw drivers to make some parallel rulers!

Samanta explained mercator maps, projections and parallel rulers.

Parents and kids enjoyed making a plumb line necklace, decorative compass rose and parallel ruler.


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