Great Presentation to STEM Pathways for Girls – Santa Fe

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Topic:  Graph Theory

Presenter:  MathHappens’ own Elizabeth Wrightsman.

Facilitator Team
Esther: a retired actuary
Emily: an. engineering student at Smith College
Sarah: a graduate student at St. John’s College with a concentration on math education
Chelsea, Megan, Kara: scientists at Los Alamos National Lab

Twenty Three girls participated in this hour and half session.  We learned about the history of graph theory, starting with the Bridges of Koenigsberg, covered a variety of  interesting vocabulary including bipartite, incomplete graphs, tree graphs, forest, cupboard folds, cycles, vertices, faces, edges and more.  The slides are here.

Next we spent some time learning to make a Sonobe cube.  You make six pieces and put them together.  The directions for the folds are here along with a second page that shows how to build the puzzle pieces for a Somo cube.  Directions are here.

Or try The Octahedron 12 piece Challenge

One cube is made from 6 Sonobe parts

Reviews for the session were great!  Average rating was 4.4 out of 5, difficulty 3.1/5 and most important, enjoyment was 4.6 out of 5.

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